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Top Reasons to schedule your hair and makeup trial for your engagement photos

If there is one thing you want to be confident about on your wedding day, it's how you look!
It was important to Katie to get the RIGHT hairstyle for her wedding day. She was looking for that perfect natural curl and wanted to make sure that the style photographed well. Your engagement photos are the perfect time for your hair and makeup trial. Below are a list of reason to do your hair and makeup trial for your engagement photos:

1. Like your engagement pictures themselves, your trial is the perfect way to get to know your hair and makeup team and feel out some different options. If you are split between up or down, now is the time to try it!

2. For most professional photography you are going to want to go a little more glam than you are used to for it to register properly on camera. Your makeup artist will know just the right amount to highlight your features and bring them out beautifully on camera. Your engagement photos are no exception to this so even if you cannot get your trial scheduled, it is best to get your makeup done for these photos either way! Your engagement photos are the perfect way to see if you may even want to do it up a little more or dial it back a bit.
3. Your photographer will capture all angles. If you have the hair and makeup style that you are planning for your wedding day, you will be able to see exactly how your photographer will capture it day-of. For my own engagement photos I realized that my half up and half down style had too much of a poof and from the side, I did not like the shape of it. In the mirrors I loved it and in the iPhone photos they took I was perfectly happy with it. But after getting the engagement photos back I realized I needed to ask them to lower the poof, which I was able to show them a photo of it on the day of the wedding and they were able to perfectly fix that! I would be kicking myself had I not noticed it in the engagement photos.

4. Your wedding day has no do-overs. We all have one chance to get it right for you and your fiancé, but your engagement photos will give you the buffer to make any desired changes well ahead of time. If you realize you hate your hair up, you get to change it before your wedding day! It is also a perfect time to see how long it lasts and how weather-proof it is as a test for the day-of.

5. You feed two birds with one scone! Now you don't have to pay more to have your hair and makeup done a third time for your engagement photos, you combine them with your trial!

Photography: Ashley Boyan Photography