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Thank you for stopping by. For me, wedding planning isn’t just about executing a one-day event. It’s the beautiful process of creating a day in which the details delight guests and highlight a couple’s love story.

Tips for Creating a Relaxing Morning the Day- of

The morning of your wedding there will be so much going on! Everyone is full of so much excitement and maybe you barely slept the night before. There are a few ways to create a relaxing and memorable morning for you and your maids to enjoy.

1. Limit the amount of people present

This may seem harsh, but less is more in this scenario. Save the big party for the reception! The morning of your wedding you should be surrounded by your bridesmaids and those that are nearest and dearest (Moms, flower girls, etc.) that you want to help you get ready. Investing in one of your hotel’s larger suites you will have enough room for multiple people getting their hair and makeup done, hanging up dresses, and room for your photographer to work around. This will create less stress and clutter as well

2. Make an upbeat playlist

This is such an important aspect! Ask one of your bridesmaids to bring a wireless speaker to your room for some fun getting ready music. Pick songs that make you happy, bring up good memories, and get you excited to start the day. You don’t want to sit around in silence, you want to get that energy up! Maybe incorporate some fun throwbacks that you might be excluding from your reception playlist (love High School Musical or maybe some Disney Mulan soundtrack? Now’s the time) When you get closer to putting your dress on, start playing some more calming music that will allow you to take some deep breaths and really enjoy the moment.

3. Don’t be the last to get your hair/makeup done 

Your hair and makeup artists will know the best timing for when to start based off of your trial, but I always encourage my clients to not be the last to go. You may think you want your style to last the longest, but really the bride should have the most time spent on their look. Typically this time of the day is really crunch time to make sure you are ready to go for your first look and other bridal party portraits, so if you ever do need to rush the hair/makeup application process a little- it shouldn’t be with you.

4. Pop your favorite bubbly!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t overlook this fun step. A little glass of champagne or  prosecco can add to the excitement and calm a little nervous! Your favorite brand is a sweet treat and can make some really fun and candid pictures. Of course you don’t want to over-do it so make sure you are constantly drinking water as well. Some infused cucumber or mint water can also help ease your stomach.

5. EAT

This is a big one. Do not forget to eat! It’s always helpful to assign a bridesmaid or maybe an Aunt who wants a task to be in charge of bringing over breakfast/ lunch for you and your crew. This article has some great ideas for foods to eat to keep your energy up throughout the day. If you have access to a fridge in your suite, bringing some easy snacks like apples, clementines, or trail mix that the group can snack on throughout the morning is always helpful.