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Thank you for stopping by. For me, wedding planning isn’t just about executing a one-day event. It’s the beautiful process of creating a day in which the details delight guests and highlight a couple’s love story.

Our Wedding | The Tidewater Inn May 23, 2021

I cannot begin to express how much this day meant to Luke and I. After getting engaged in October of 2019 we had no idea that the road ahead would entail. By March 2020 we figured our July 26, 2020 wedding would be safe and sound. But by the time April rolled around, we realized this virus was not going anywhere any time soon. We postponed to May 2021 in the hopes a vaccine would be available. If only we could have known then that the Friday before our wedding we would be fully vaccinate with two doses of pfizer!

The Tidewater Inn was the ONLY wedding venue we toured. Why in the world would a wedding planner only tour one wedding for her own wedding? Well, it’s because my parents were married there on Christmas Eve 1993. It was such a special way to honor my parents and continue a beautiful tradition. Next year I will have 3 more Tidewater weddings and I could not be more grateful to spend time with the wonderful Tidewater team.

Our wedding “theme” was after our love for The Wind in the Willows and all British wildlife.  We used badgers, otters, and other sweet animals as motifs in a toile design by Em Paper Co.