Welcome Friends!

Thank you for stopping by. For me, wedding planning isn’t just about executing a one-day event. It’s the beautiful process of creating a day in which the details delight guests and highlight a couple’s love story.

Five tips for creating a wedding day that is uniquely you and memorable for all

Consider the Guest Experience

There are so many different things to consider when planning a wedding, and you are often focused on what you will be doing each step of the day, especially when the day is sometimes even planned out in 5 minute increments! It can be easy to forget to think about how each person will experience the day. By being intentional and thinking through how the dozens- even hundreds- of people will be experiencing your day you can create a truly memorable day that will set your wedding apart from all the others! In my design process I like to think about some of my personal favorite, and often guest’s favorite parts of the wedding day. What guests see, touch, hear, and smell can take your wedding to the next level! Use interesting patterns and textures that appeal to your personal style. Choose cocktail hour music that sets the best tone for mingling, if it’s December you can have a violinist play holiday music! For summer, use fresh floral installations that draw guests in and opt for light and sweet desserts to tie it all together. All of those little details create an entire guest experience that will be memorable and inherently YOU.

Include Special Symbolism

One of the best ways to make your wedding unique is to make it as personal as possible. I really love the idea of “hidden” symbolism in weddings. Here is my favorite example, Megan Markle. If you follow me, you know I love the royal family. The royals are known for using symbolism, and one of the latest royal weddings was no exception! Harry hand picked forget-me-nots (Princess Diana’s favorite flower!) from Kensington Palace’s garden for Meghan’s bouquet and Meghan included myrtle from the same plant that was used for Queen Elizabeth’s bouquet in 1947. If you have any special family heirlooms you want to include, or by including subtle nods to your relationship milestones, you will be more likely to stay away from fleeting trends and focus on what really brings you joy!

Create an Escort Display “Wow” Moment

Escort card displays are getting more and more creative as couples are opting for more personal touches. By working with your planner and rental company, you can dream up endless possibilities! This is a touch point of your wedding where everyone will interact with it in some shape or form to find their seating information. This conversation starter is also a great opportunity to add to the guest experience and wow them with your creativity! Many couples choose to use this as a way to highlight some of their favorite activities, hobbies, or even their jobs! Most venues see dozens of weddings every year, this is a great way to make yours stand out amongst the rest!

Play Off Your Venue’s Features

You chose your venue for a reason, highlight some of its unique features! Whether your venue is in an opulent ballroom, overlooking a mountainous background or nestled in a lush garden, you can incorporate those features into the design of your wedding. I love when couples enhance a space while maintaining its character. Look at colors and materials (wood, metal, marble) and think about how to balance out the space by bringing in rentals that reflect it, or even soften the room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Outside the Box

At the end of the day, you need to do what makes you and your future spouse happy. If you love bright colors, don’t be afraid to incorporate them. As a starting point, it is helpful to make an inspiration board of all the things you love, even if you think they are random, your planner and other vendors will be able to see a common theme and help make it all cohesive. It is also important to not try to duplicate exact images, use your vendors to the fullest extent and have them take creative approaches to your ideas!